News limited has launched a new service called NewsCore, to operate, reports The Guardian, “like a global wire service for all the company’s newspapers, TV networks and websites. News Corp is describing the venture as a “21st-century multi-media information service that will draw on the worldwide news and sports resources within News Corporation and make them available to other News properties everywhere”.

Quality control is apparently the name of the game. Why expose News Limited publications to material from other parties who may not share the News conviction for veracity above all.

“When Sky News reports that Gordon Brown has called an election, everyone in the NWS family can run with it. When TG24 learns that Vesuvius has blown its top again, everyone in NewsCorp will have it. Immediately. And from a source we can trust — us,” said an internal briefing obtained by — The Guardian

It’s wonderful how broadminded some on the American right are getting, intellectually speaking. Take Jonah Goldberg, editor of National Review Online, and author of Liberal Fascism, a book which uses the “f” word to characterise, among other people and things, Hillary Clinton, Obama’s mid 2008 call for “party unity”, and the Whole Foods supermarket chain – the whole thing a kinda Goldberg standard for measuring the intellectual decline of American conservatism.

In a recent post on online madhouse The Corner he notes “Has there been anti-Semitism on the political right? Of course.” Was it dominant there? That “is a complex argument” to which there is no easy answer. Amazingly generous, until you realise that the topic in question is Germany in the 1930s. Still, baby steps, baby steps. — Guy Rundle

The hiring of Annabel Crabb explicitly for the digital space is a bold sign that the ABC wants to bolster its online presence beyond simply providing a record of its traditional media. It is a timely development in the wake of James Murdoch’s much publicised criticism of the BBC’s impact in the online space, and raises the question whether we will see a similar attack on the ABC from News Corporation’s Australian arm should they try to encroach on the online space traditionally filled by newspaper content. — Crikey’s Pure Poison blog

Best Ted Kennedy mag covers. The choice of a cover shot following the death of an icon is always a complex decision: do you find the portrait that captures the person at their peak or their end? Mediaite

Cut her some slacks. A Sudanese journalist has been spared a whipping for wearing trousers, but a court instead fined Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein 500 Sudanese pounds ($235), eyewitnesses said. Daily Telegraph

Law lags behind hacker “services”. Peter Eckersley, a staff technologist for the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco, said: “We’ve been using email for years, and it’s been insecure all that time … If you have any hacker who is competent and targets you, he’s going to get you.” The Age

South African healer told to reflect on claims. A self-proclaimed healer, Dr Abdallah Kiwa, has run foul of the Advertising Standards Authority over claims that he can enlarge clients’ penises and influence their enemies using a mirror. The Star

China’s green light to Google’s blue filter. China approved of Google’s efforts to filter porn from search results on its China portal following state-led criticism of the links, the former head of Google China said Sunday. New York Times

Israeli newspaper blasted for “inaccurate” reporting. US President Barack Obama told Jewish leaders in a July meeting that Israel needs to “engage in serious self-reflection.” Israel’s new US ambassador was “summoned” to the State Department to be lectured about Israel’s building settlements in Jerusalem. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called two top aides to Obama “self-hating Jews.” All of these reports appeared in Haaretz. And they’ve all been disputed or denied by the principals involved. Jerusalem Post

Twitter spawns twits. An expert in memory has said that some social networking sites can make people less intelligent, while others can enhance people’s ability to remember things, reports said Monday. Xinhua