I've heard the entire NSW Health portfolio's ministerial staff were given the flick without warning this morning. Some were led to believe they were to stay on during the acting arrangements. It seems a bunch turned up this morning only to not have access to the building. Rumour has it this order to fire them came direct from the Premier. So now there's an Attorney-General acting Health minister with no Health policy advisers. Nice.

Comings and goings in the Nine Melbourne newsroom? For some reason GTV9 news director Michael Venus has told Brett McLeod he won't be doing any fill-in reading anymore. James Talia and Tim McMillan will be used in Brett's place. Venus has told McLeod he is more valuable in an on-the-road reporting role. Yeah, right. Seems one other senior newsroom member has been doing quite a bit of white-anting to eliminate competition in his attempt to get Peter Hitchener out of the Monday to Friday presenter's chair, even telling camera crews out on jobs that "Hitch has had his day and has to go". The chap in question is out of control at the moment.