The evolution of Michael McGurk, as told by the Sydney Morning Herald.

4 September

… the younger of those boys watched his father take a single bullet in the driveway of their multimillion-dollar Cremorne home. The 10-year-old had to run inside and tell his mother something was wrong with “daddy”.

Neighbours and friends of the McGurks today described Mr McGurk — a 46-year-old property developer and lender of last resort — as a devoted family man who, along with wife Kimberley, raised four “beautiful, well-mannered kids” with no airs or graces, despite their wealth.

5 September

The NSW Opposition has called for an independent inquiry after allegations a businessman was shot dead because he had a tape that could bring down the government. Murdered Sydney businessman Michael McGurk feared for his life because he had a tape recording of a conversation capable of bringing down the NSW Government, one of his former business associates says.

Dressed in a well-tailored navy suit and crisp white shirt, McGurk looked like every other well-dressed financial type dining there that day. But the sunny yellow and white decor of Mad Cow seemed at odds with the shady tales of treachery and skulduggery and threats, of which McGurk spoke.

6 September

A tape linked to the execution-style murder of standover man Michael McGurk was understood to have been handed to police late yesterday. Last night, a source close to the case told The Sun-Herald the tape could implicate senior Government figures, although the contents have yet to be verified.

7 September

Apart from having two identities, McGurk also had two personalities. To his family and friends he was a doting father and generous fund-raiser but in business he was ruthless and violent.

Mr Richardson, a lobbyist for Mr Medich, said Mr McGurk wanted $8 million from the developer for a tape he said could be disastrous for the Government. ”He wanted money from Ron Medich and lots of it: millions of dollars,” he told Channel 9.

But, [Mr Byrnes] said, Mr McGurk had a habit of exaggerating and would tell anybody and everybody who would listen. “Michael was one of those sort of larger-than-life characters who did have a tendency, in my opinion, he had a tendency to maybe gild the lily,” he said in reference to the alleged tape.

At this rate of denigration, by tomorrow he’ll be a “prominent Sydney business identity”.

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