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Sep 4, 2009

It's Respectember at your ABC

It's better than "You are all idiots Week"



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19 thoughts on “It’s Respectember at your ABC

  1. Joal

    We missed “You Are All Idiots Week?” Aw, man!

  2. Perry Gretton

    Superlatives fail me.

  3. JaneShaw

    I saw this tweet while waiting on hold with the hell-spawn at Optus as I try to explain (again) that I want to have wireless internet access.

    Thank you First Dog.

    *returns to beating head rhythmically against floor*

  4. Richard Schipper

    On the first day of Respectember my manager gave to me a consultant’s view of proper thinking ways…
    On the second day of Respectember my manager gave to me a platitude in a PowerPoint slide…
    On the third day of Respectember my manager gave to me a twitter message on the world – wide – web

  5. paddy

    I don’t know if it’s just the season FD.
    But by God you’re on a roll!!!!
    An absolute Classic. 🙂 🙂

  6. mtats

    Kudos Firstdog, kudos.

    Immediately printing it out and posting in office. Unless thats a copyright thing, which if it is, i’m not.

  7. Venise Alstergren

    Suddenly I’ve lost my sense of humour. Those mongrels, the ABC, are spending OUR money on minutae like the above mentioned crap? No, not the t-shirt Fd, those bastards are having internal ‘happygrams’ at the tax-payer’s expense?
    I would rather have a rude staffer who does an efficient job, than a polite one who fucks-up everything.

    This time, I am going to live in Argentina.

  8. kate

    Oh get over yourself Venise.

    Sure, it’s totally silly and patronising, and completely deserves Firstdog’s classic pisstaking, but it’s hardly an egregious waste of taxpayers’s money, and certainly not a hanging offence or worth fleeing to Argentina in protest. A few emails, a couple of posters, and several hours of “People’s” time who probably weren’t doing much constructive anyway. Whaddeva.

    And why can’t we have polite AND efficient?

  9. Carol Bruce

    Absolutely brilliant! Cannot wait for Fuckofftober!!! lol lol

  10. alanjohnston

    I want to die too.

  11. acannon

    LOVE F*ckofftober! How many of us can convince our workplaces to (probably unofficially) take up the cause?

  12. Venise Alstergren

    JANESHAW: Love your *Returns to beating head rythmically against floor*.

  13. wyane

    Best FDotM eva … well, since I’ve been subscribing. Oh, and I’m yet to read the ones from the 7th, 8th and 9th. And by “best” I’m only applying level and length of laughter criteria. So, actually, it may not be the “best”. But it made me laugh.

    Is it too late to change your Walkley entry?

    BTW – there is no link to Friday’s Daily email when I log in. Wanted to re-read those lovely patronising emails from Auntie Agatha or whatsername?

  14. Ian Nicolson

    Venise, if you can show me any large institution that doesn’t use/waste either your tax dollars or the price you paid for something on a whole range of similar HR “initiatives” I’ll accept your knee-jerk anti-Aunty response is a reasonable one . . .

    Kate, in answer to your rhetorical question, we can . . . and in many cases do . . . even at Poor Aunty. Usually its just that the rude andincompetent ones end up running the place and thus setting the tone.

    Bit like most comment forums, really . . .

  15. Venise Alstergren

    Ian. My whole point was that I was using the ABC as a microcosm-if anything that large can be a microcosm-for all government and NGOs to squander everyones money.

  16. Ian Nicolson

    Venise. And mine that ALL organisations, private sector businesses included, constantly indulge in this often useless, sometimes quite productive tosh. Your knee-jerk against non-private spending on workplace relations (irrationally excluding the private sector’s version) just twitched one more time.

  17. Peter Cox

    I’ve worked for big free-enterprise companies. The last one had been amazingly wasteful (mainly at the top management levels) for years, and was taken over 6 years ago despite a remarkable and relatively sudden (compared to the years of continuous waste & self-interest at the highest levels) 4-year turn-around in fortunes that had occurred due to the influx of enthusiastic & quality-focussed leadership -a previously unknown concept at top levels of the firm.

    That is a preamble to saying I agree completely with the tenor of your comments – though perhaps your mob’s turn-around may be in the future.

    I sincerely hope that one day the ABC’s administration might match the ability & commitment of the staff.

    Perhaps the only difference (at a guess) is that your & my “lives of quiet desperation” at work, engendered by fighting with clouds for so long, would be that though I am sure the work was as challenging & satisfying for you as for me, my rewards for continuing to keep going on with the hard work were financially respectable, even at the middle levels where most of the actual management & guidance work in most firms gets done in a fashion that will [have a stab at] succeed[ing].

    The real cash was made well above my head, and that I imagine we both share.

    Regards, and keep going. There is a large number of keen listeners out here in what would otherwise be a wasteland without the ABC.


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