They seek him here… Two weeks ago, I reported to Crikey that Michael Cooney would soon be moving to remove Annette Ellis and Rudd’s chief of staff would be replacing Bob McMullan as he’s soon to be appointed to a Diplomatic post — I also mentioned that National intervention in the ACT branch would occur in a fortnight, the first steps have already occurred and once again the former Senate Candidate, Peter Conway is continually in and out of Parliament House.

National intervention will occur within three weeks, most notably the Prime Minister’s office. The National ALP are about to acquire ownership of the ACT Labour Clubs.

Regards again, The Scarlett Pimpernel. I will keep you up to date.

LNP MP Fiona Simpson, who boasted of her virginity when she made her maiden speech in Queensland Parliament, is said to have produced a CD of gospel songs. Has anyone got a copy?

Press Gallery journos and political staffers in Canberra frothing at the mouth at the decision by The Age to stop the insertion of its classifieds sections on Saturdays for all interstate copies. Newsagents receiving hundreds of complaints.

Money for Jam, Channel Nine’s new show, is a crappy magazine my branch of the NAB keep trying to give me so it was no co-incidence that Nine’s lame attempt at a new finance show to counteract the credit crunch contained so many referenced to the NAB it made me feel ill. Wasn’t it the behaviour of the banking sector that got it us all into this mess in the first place?

Anyway, it looked like the entire show was little more than a big ad for NAB … including host Paul Clitheroe’s saying at the end “a NAB finance expert is online now” … arghhh!