Putting the c into Della Bosca. Tuesday, the Nine News had found a new car in the Victorian Alps in Tim Holden, instead of the state’s Water Minister, Tim Holding. Now the Nine Network’s Sydney 6pm News has found a new NSW minister in trouble, or perhaps it’s just that tricky foreign name that someone at Willoughby couldn’t spell…

The reporter involved is Kevin Wilde, who last week had Premier Nathan Rees out after being challenged by Kristina Keneally. Yet another nine letter “exclusive” from Nine News.

Quality programming on ABC2: You could be forgiven for believing that last night’s ABC2 programming schedule had suffered a technical glitch. Settling in for the “innovative, fun programming of the quality you expect from ABC”, viewers were offered the following productions that “you won’t see anywhere else on television”:

8.30pm: Sin City Law
9.25pm: Family Brat Camp
10.15pm: Teens Hooked On Porn
11.15pm: Eataholics

Coincidentally, each program was a take on the theme of ‘loss of control’. Sin City Law is the real-life American story of an old man who murdered his elderly neighbour and doesn’t know why or how he did it. Family Brat Camp follows parents who head into the American wilderness with their out-of-control children as part of a bonding exercise to fix their kids’ behaviour. UK shows Teens Hooked On Porn and Eataholics. No need to elaborate. If you found yourself reaching for the control, take assurance from ABC2: “The choice is yours!” — Crikey intern James Pattison

The festival of psychodrivel prompted by Brendan Nelson’s remarks about “narcissistic personality disorder” continues, with Miranda Devine in the SMH, weighing in on the “narcissism epidemic” as documented by, surprisingly, social psychologists.

You would think that a religious conservative would have more respect for deeper categories — the human being, the soul, etc. — than to engage in the gimcrack classificationing in which people simply become a set of walking symptoms … but of course that would be to attribute Devine’s exalted position to her game, rather than her surname.

However, Mims has a higher purpose in diagnosing a narcissism epidemic — to blame parents. Yep that’s right, millions of parents magically got worse at parenting over the course of a generation.

The alternative explanation — that a free-market, consumer-addicted, image-obsessed society created by a certain stage of capitalism creates a society where a narcissistic style is the norm rather than the exception — could not be considered. Why? Because it would suggest that free market liberalism and cultural conservatism are in total contradiction — and since their fusion is the core fantasy on which the contemporary right is founded, such thoughts must be screened out.

We call this magical thinking. It is a characteristic of, erm, narcissists.Guy Rundle.

Greenslade on James Murdoch: The final sentence of James Murdoch‘s speech at the Edinburgh TV Festival was hugely significant: “The only reliable, durable and perpetual guarantor of independence is profit.” It was an appropriate conclusion to an agenda-setting tirade aimed at Britain’s public service broadcaster. But the central point of Murdoch’s MacTaggart lecture was, of course, to complain that the BBC should no longer be properly described as a broadcaster. It is a multi-platform provider of information and entertainment and, in his view, should be forced to climb off some of those platforms in double-quick time. — Evening Standard

Woman at the desk: Diane Sawyer will replace Charlie Gibson as US ABC’s “World News” anchor, the New York Post’s Michael Starr first reported. Sawyer will become the second woman to solo-anchor the evening news, joining Katie Couric, who helms the “CBS Evening News.” The move will make Brian Williams the lone man anchoring the network evening newscasts. — Huffington Post

A question of good taste. The American Society of Magazine Editors and Amazon are running a competition to determine the best (well, most popular) magazine covers of the year (you can view it here but you have to be logged in to Amazon).

There are some stunning examples of beautiful and innovative design in categories like Lifestyle, News & Business, and even Best Obama Cover. But in the six covers nominated for Most Delicious Cover, there is a slight anomaly. As Eat Me Daily points out one of these things is not like the others:

It’s a lovely piece of photography, but “Most Delicious”? All a matter of taste, we suppose … — Ruth Brown

Ass-erbaijan no satire. Two bloggers from Azerbaijan are facing up to five years in jail after posting a video of a donkey giving a news conference on YouTube. — BBC News

Rudd Government censorship trial results … censored? The Federal Government’s internet censorship trials have been repeatedly delayed over the past nine months, leading to claims from the Opposition that the Government is deliberately withholding the results to avoid embarrassment. — The Age

Twitter outdoes MySpace. Twitter received more UK visits than MySpace for the first time last week, according to Hitwise UK. — New Media Age

BBC giving opportunities to war crims. Barely a few weeks after mending fences with the Rwandan government on the issue of giving a platform to war criminals and Genocide deniers, the BBC was at it again. — AllAfrica.com

“Poo girl” popularity. A teenage girl who became stuck down a portable loo at a music festival has become an unlikely star. — Daily Telegraph

UK furore over TV debates. ITV and the BBC have accused Sky News of potentially scuppering a televised debate between the three main party leaders ahead of next year’s general election after the satellite channel broke cover today by saying it would hold one even if Gordon Brown did not take part. — The Guardian