NSW, spelt W-T-F.

Anyone fancy another 19 months of this sort of thing?

Regardless of either his personal morality or the disputed claim that it affected his ministerial performance, the image of John Della Bosca finding time for an extra-marital relationship while serving in the most difficult State portfolio perfectly sums up a Government and a Party that has long since become exclusively focused on itself rather than the state it was elected to run.

The national economy — let alone that of NSW — will be heavily damaged by the continuation of this farce. Prior to the GFC, the NSW economy had appeared to be operating at a slower pace than even the other non-mineral boom states. An economic recovery in which NSW remains mired in high unemployment, high debt and low growth will immensely complicate the already-difficult task of adjusting our fiscal and monetary policy settings to deal with the return to more normal economic conditions.

Unless this Government is removed, we will all pay the price for the misjudgement and lack of talent of the NSW Labor Party. Extraordinary incompetence calls for extraordinary measures. None of us, residents of NSW or otherwise, can afford to wait 19 months.