Crikey’s NRL Hot Form Chart

In another code, another city and another time, “indefinite” meant one week. Now, in Melbourne, it means two.

Greg Inglis will be back for the Storm this week. His on-field presence will not make a difference — either this week against the Roosters when Storm will win; or in the finals when it will lose. Off-field, the implications are weightier but it does not take Stephen Hawking to add two and two and come up with indefinite, which is the period of time the public will wait for the real version of the events that have seen the star three-quarter in the courts in the first place.

Unbelievably, Parramatta is still not in a provisional finals spot. It shows how far back the Eels have had to come back from, but victory this week over its nearest rival in Penrith should rectify that situation.

St George has slipped to seventh on the Form Chart — not a terminal decline but the Dragons would want to push up again this weekend against Souths, a team that always motivation to beat the Saints.

The Broncos give the indication of a mob that has stared into the abyss, didn’t much like what they saw and decided to head in the other direction. The Form Chart likes their chances in the far north tonight.

And the Titans should put the lights out on the Tigers’ season — they can burn bright in the jungle of the night for another summer.

Crikey’s Hot Form Tips for round 25 are:

  • Broncos
  • Parramatta
  • Dragons
  • Melbourne
  • Titans
  • Bulldogs
  • Manly
  • Newcastle

Last week: 6 (Season total: 114)

Crikey’s AFL Hot Form Chart

And so here we are. The final round of the regular stuff has arrived. Positions three to 10 on the ladder can still change so can the Form Chart give us a glimpse of who will be doing what to whom come week one of the finals?

First, Hawthorn will play Carlton. The dice that were rolled on Buddy Franklin have come up snake eyes, but the Hawks should still take care of an Essendon team returning from Perth and with no more surprises left.

Next, Adelaide will host the Lions. The Crows are running into a Carlton team giddy on self-belief and, most recently, self-discipline. Adelaide has not been able to beat a team above it all year, so why start now? And if the Hawks have already stitched up eighth, they may just prefer to take on Brisbane anyway.

St Kilda will be meeting the Bulldogs and we will learn then whether the red, black and white tumbrel is still in possession of its wheels. The Dogs have turned it around quickly after a shock loss to the Eagles at home, but despite vanquishing the Cats last week, the Form Chart cannot see them sneaking into third.

Which means it’s the Pies and Geelong. Collingwood is new flag favourite largely on the back of stumbling form from the top two, but also its own stellar run that has taken it to No.1 on the Form Chart. The Cats are giving every sign of a great team on the wane. September, though, may just wake them up.

Crikey’s Hot Form Tips for round 22 are:

  • West Coast
  • Geelong
  • Hawthorn
  • Carlton
  • Port Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • St Kilda
  • Collingwood

Last week: 7 (Season total: 110)