In a bid to eliminate waste — and raise some easy money for his cash-strapped state — Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a ‘Great Californian Garage Sale’.

This mammoth event will be held on August 28 and 29 at the Department of General Services’ Surplus Property Warehouse in Sacramento. Thousands of Californians are expected to attend to shop for surplus state property, some of which Schwarzenegger himself has graced with his signature.

Items for sale include cars, motorcycles, computers, desks and office supplies, surfboards and much, much more. At Crikey we’ve diligently scrolled through the thousands of items and picked out our eight favourites. To help Arnie help California, we even wrote him some classified ads.

  1. Leather jacket Whether you’re searching for some extra protection or that elusive ‘it’ factor, this jacket is for you.

    Leather jacket

  2. 6 x Vending Machines. Sick of your friends/family scabbing all your food? With your own vending machine, you can now charge them for the privilege. Although these babies are in poor condition, they offer plenty of renovating potential. Don’t hesitate: be the life of the party with your brand new vending machine.
  3. 6 x Dental Chairs. Nothing screams friendship more than a dental chair. Invite your special someone over for a free dental check-up, or simply lie down, relax and remember all the happy times. Toothpaste not included.
  4. Toyota Door Handle with keys. Don’t you just hate it when you forget to pack your spare door handle? Never be caught out again with your spare Toyota door handle. Keys included for a limited time only.
  5. 5 x Fake Plants. It’s time to get back to nature. In these busy times, it’s often difficult to find the time to garden. With your brand new fake plant, you’ll never need to water your plant again!
  6. 5 x Air Craft Dollies. Don’t know what an air craft dolly is? Don’t worry, we don’t either. But maybe it’s time to start building your own plane — and an air craft dolly is the perfect way to start.
  7. 2x 3 Hole Punch Not one, not two, but three holes!
  8. 10x King Bobbleheads These King Bobbleheads are so cool they don’t need plugging. But does anyone else think that the middle bobblehead looks like Eric Bana?


For a full list of items click here.