When Union Bosses start acting like bosses… because they are almost broke (really broke!) just like the other union bosses, the ACTU Bosses start playing dirty contract tricks with their own staff. Over 70% of ACTU staff have delivered a secret internal ultimatum for industrial action in current wage negotiations (most importantly, most come from the only two money making divisions). Even the currently pathetic Liberal leadership would have a field day! And they wonder why “their” Labor government at best ignores, at worst actively undermines them.

Another populist story in the Queensland media and another kneejerk reaction by Anna Bligh. This time we have had stories about the Bandido’s biker gang opening a new clubhouse in the middle of a retail street very close to the Gabba sportsground. And within two days of the story getting out Anna Bligh has announced a new crackdown on biker gangs in Queensland — supported by new laws! The Bandido’s have had a clubhouse in the general vicinity for over ten years!

The clubhouse was in a back street Bligh never complained then! I wonder if the quick kneejerk has anything to do with the new clubhouse being smack bang in the middle of her South Brisbane electorate? Funny thing is the old clubhouse was in her electorate too and it was never a problem because it was hidden from general view in a back street.

So all you need to change the Government’s mind is a story in the media and Anna will give you what you want. My family and I have complained numerous times over the old clubhouse, bikes and cars roaring away at all times of the day and night and Anna and her office never bothered then!

Regarding Stern Hu. The Chinese government downloaded and copied the entire basicfraud.com website, a number of times actually.

I renewed my annual subscription with Fairfax by pressing the buttons on the phone. Three weeks later my Herald didn’t come over the fence. I walked up to the newsagent to see if his van had broken down and was told no paper you are unfinancial. I bought a copy, walked home and got on the phone. This time I didn’t use the buttons.

The sad dilemma of daily print newspapers is evident everywhere but no better exemplified than this head in the sports supplement of Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald “England skittled but decider has plenty turns left”. Aside from the ineptitude of the line itself, as every cricket fan already knew that morning — either from checking the radio or online news services — it was Australia that had been skittled. The print sub editors’ antique dependence on a time linked sensational headline must be driving managers mad.

Qantas is re-thinking its IT outsourcing strategy. A damning report by Qantas Loyalty, who run the Frequent Flyer program has been circulated to Senior Managers, including head of Loyalty, flags an intention to revert to in-house IT resources to replace the outsourced service. The report complains of poor quality work that takes much longer than used to occur and costs two to three times more.

It states bluntly that the improvements that were promised would arise from outsourcing have not only not materialised but the service has declined in all significant respects. This decision presents a dilemma for new head of Corporate Service David Hall, who is vigorously pursuing further outsourcing of IT services to IBM. At the same time as promising openness and transparency to staff, Mr Hall has circulated a confidential memo to senior IT managers highlighting certain words and phrases that are not to be used in describing outsourcing to staff.

“Cost” and “Off-shoring” are not to be used, while terms such as “value” are to be emphasised.

As fire, ambulance and police services crisscross their State searching for crisis patients and situations in vehicles minus GPS equipment it’s comforting to know their chief poo-bahs aren’t so deprived. Seven years ago Peter Beattie ensured his chauffeur-driven ministerial vehicles came with the most sophisticated GPS screens, images and voice-activated equipment to ensure his Cabinet made it to parliament and home on time. As one chauffer said — it’s the first time the Minister has sat in the front seat with me — she’s blown away with the toy! It was the Minister for Police Judy Spence and it was me in the back seat in 2002 wondering why the heck a chauffeur-driven vehicle had GPS.

Just read on the Australian Jewish News website that National Editor Ashley Browne is finishing up as editor this week — he has decided to “part company with the AJN… after the newspaper’s publisher Robert Magid decided to take the publication in a new direction.” No new editor in the wings or handover planned. Would love to know the full story.

Email received from person en-route from Melbourne to Frankfurt via Qantas: I won’t be arriving Sunday morning 6am. After making us wait nine hours at the airport, Qantas cancelled the flight (QF9 departing 3:30pm from Melbourne, to join up with the only Qantas Singapore to Frankfurt flight QF5). [Qantas didn’t bother notifying people that they could stay at home and monitor the situation, even though they knew full well that the plane was delayed for four hours and more likely for 20 or 24 hours.]

They did the exact same thing the day before — and there are some people at the airport now delayed at least 48 hours even though Qantas could easily have put them on other planes (via Sydney or Hong Kong). So I will be flying out tomorrow (= Sunday) — maybe in the morning, maybe in the evening, who knows? Certainly not Qantas.

Maybe I’ll arrive Sunday night (if via Singapore and London), maybe Monday morning (if direct from Singapore to Frankfurt), your guess is better than Qantas’s. Anyway, don’t set your alarm Sunday morning on my account!

You’ve got to be kidding department: Chris Lilley is attached to play the role of Steve Irwin in a bio-pic called Crikey. Casting is underway, particularly for the role of Terry Irwin. The telemovie will be filmed in Kakadu and Far North Queensland.