After several delays the No2 Dreamliner in the 787 flight test fleet has been doing taxying tests at Everett.

On the same day as this perplexing item appeared on Daily Finance, an on-line business news service.

What makes it perplexing is the equivocal response from Boeing as quoted in the story.

Surely it could state that the 787 is capable of being pressurised, OK, even pressurized?

If it can’t be done the program is dead. It is a ‘Yes/No’ situation, and it would be appalling and astonishing if that part of the report is correct.

Boeing has been asked for an unequivocal response to that claim, and also to the reported issue with electrical systems.

21 August Boeing responds:

We told Cohen that someone was feeding him bad information. The 787’s systems are working, including the environmental control system that pressurises the airplane. We are continuing to improve and mature the systems, as is normal for a development program.

We have a problem giving any credence to a story that clearly identified the source as one person who the writer has spoken two once and e-mailed with no other substantiation. Both Boeing and Hamilton Sundstrand said there was no basis in fact for the claim.

The response has been added to the 787 statement log. It is also very welcome, as is the mention of credence in any context.