No names, no pack drill. Rumours among Queensland Police of mistaken attendance at a domestic dispute, which found a senior female police officer and her partner having a domestic with a female government member.

Wonder who the Queensland Union boss is who will soon replace Jan McLucas in the Senate; word is he’s rather tall and balding and has a preference for Akubra hats.

Ah Jensen, you’ve done it again! With his fate to be determined by a State Council vote this Saturday, two-time pre-selection loser Dennis Jensen thought it would be a bright idea to have a bunch of his “supporters” write letters pledging their undying affection for him and threatening all sorts of repercussions for the Liberal Party if it dares to not reinstate him. The letters have been delivered in bulk to State Council members.

Not sure how the threats will go down with State Council delegates who tend to think members should do the right thing by the Party regardless of personal benefit and respect its democratic processes. Perhaps the Jensen crew thought letters from about 70 supporters would look impressive and back Jensen’s as yet unproven claims of mass popularity in the electorate.

Maybe they should have considered that for someone who has sat for five years in a safe seat with more than 120,000 constituents, 70 letters looks more than a touch on the pathetic side (particularly as some of the letter writers don’t even live in the electorate).

I hope the $50bn deal with PetroChina is all squeaky clean. Given recent arrests for bribery allegations and PetroChina’s recent form, I’m sure all Chevron, Shell and Exxon executives involved in the deal have kept their noses clean.

It’s laughable for the Quest editor in yesterday’s “Tips and rumours” section to disparage journalists for wanting upgrades at Quest. Some journalists have been on the same grades for 10 years or more (and one for 23 years) and they are not high grades either. Most journalists at Quest are a grade 3 or less — a wage of $45,000 or less. There are receptionists and grave diggers who get paid more.

Signs of the stimulated times. My wife distributed her Rudd $900 to several charities. Now they are flooding us with mail asking for more money. We are fed up with them.

Later, on the grassy knoll: The real reason for the sale of Cubbie Station. So that the Federal Government, along with GE, can build a nuclear power plant out there. It’s a long way from dense population areas and who cares if it’s on a flood plain and may poison the entire Murray-Darling system? Note the advocacy of nuclear from the right of the ALP (note who is on the board of Cubbie) to prepare the public for this, and you will see a change in ALP policy after the next election as the right will roll the left on this.