The Winners: Seven’s World’s Strictest Parents at 7.30pm was tops with 1.521 million people, followed by Seven News with 1.509 million and Nine News in 3rd with 1.295 million. Today Tonight and A Current Affair tied with 1.275 million viewers and Spicks and Specks averaged 1.273 million at 8.30 pm for the ABC. Nine’s 7pm repeat of Two and a half Men averaged 1.237 million and the 7.30pm relief program, 1.234 million. RPA at 8.30pm on Nine averaged 1.195 million in 9th, with Home and Away 10th at 7pm for Seven with 1.176 million. Nine’s 9pm program The Gift averaged 1.127 million. Seven’s Criminal Minds repeat at 8.30pm averaged 1.101 million, Cold Case on Nine at 9.30pm was 13th with 1.099 million and the 7pm ABC News averaged 1.066 million. The fresh episode of The Simpsons at 7.30pm on Ten averaged 958,000. That meant Ten didn’t have a program with a million or more viewers last night. The 7.30pm Project averaged 720,000.

The Losers: Seven for allowing Hot Seat to sneak up and pass Deal Or No Deal. Australia’s Perfect Couple, 698,000 at 8pm. No matter how much they shortened this program it will always be a turkey. Over 700,000 people wouldn’t watch it from the fresh episode of Two and a Half Men at 7.30pm which averaged 1.234 million. Numb3rs on Ten at 9.30pm, 628,000.

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally and in every market Today Tonight was square with ACA, but Nine’s program won three metro markets to Seven’s two. The 7.30 Report averaged a high 914,000 last night, Lateline, 263,000 and Lateline Business, 131,000. Ten News averaged 832,000 and the late News/Sports Tonight averaged 302,000. SBS News at 6.30pm on SBS, 159,000, 207,000 for the 9.30pm edition. 7am Sunrise, 402,000, 7am Today, 338,000.

The Stats: Nine won with a 6pm to Midnight All People share of 27.9% (25.0% a week ago) from Seven with 27.3% (27.6%), the ABC on 19.5% (20.6%), Ten was 4th with 19.1% (20.9%) and SBS was on 5.9%. Seven won Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Nine won Melbourne and Adelaide. Nine was a clear winner in Melbourne, Seven a clear winner in Sydney. Seven leads the week 30.2% to 28.1% for Nine. The Test cricket tonight, tomorrow and Saturday will make it tough to work out who will win All People this week, could go down to the wire. In regional markets WIN/NBN won with 28.1%, from Prime/7Qld with 27.5%, the ABC with 18.9%, SBS with 18.0% and SBS with 7.5%. Seven said it won 16 to 39s, 18 to 49s and 25 to 54s last night, leaving Nine with All People.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: There I was last night watching TT and then ACA and I was shocked, shocked. TT had a story on the suggested controls on the weight loss industry. ACA led with a story on a so-called super grain developed by the CSIRO. TT‘s second story was on a super broccoli developed with money from the Victorian and NZ Governments. Actual genuine news stories, with considerable interest.

But TT blotted its copybook with an outright plug for Jennifer Hawkins and a Myer fashion parade. Ms Hawkins is on the just resurrected Great Outdoors for Seven on Saturdays at 6.30pm. She’s also the face of Myer, but then ACA had its David Jones plug last month, so all’s square in the freebie stakes? ACA won Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, TT Brisbane and the usual big margin in Perth. ACA by a nose on number of wins alone.

For the second night in a row Nine’s Hot Seat beat Seven’s Deal Or No Deal. Hot Seat had 731,000 viewers, Deal Or No Deal, 696,000 and it looked old and average last night. It’s very unlike Seven to allow itself to be caught in a key time slot and not react. Dozing, not enough money, or can’t anyone make a decision?

TONIGHT: A certain cricket Test starts in London on SBS around 8pm. If bat and ball isn’t your go, then how about cops and robbers on Rush on Ten at 8.30pm. Ignore Seven’s TV Burp and Double Take at 8.30pm and 9pm respectively, everyone else is, and also ignore the Footy Shows on Nine at 9.30pm.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports