Yes, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for. This is everything that Kevin Rudd has ever said, boiled down into a Wordle, care of A Stubborn Mule’s Perspective:

Last week, Politico published an analysis of Barack Obama’s language. The words he used most often were “America”, “Health” and “Economy” (Politico included “American” in the count along with “America”). This prompts the obvious question: what are the favourite words of our own Kevin Rudd?

Fortunately, the prime minster’s website publishes transcripts of all Kevin’s public utterances (although this does not include his speeches in parliament).

There is a lot there and the Stubborn Mule was lucky enough to have OldFuzz do the hard work, assembling over 400 pages of text constituting Kevin Rudd’s speeches from 2009. If he has the time and inclination, prior years may follow.

And here is what it looks like as a word cloud: