The odds are short that every media report of a policy announcement by the Opposition Leader from now until the campaign starts will begin — “In an attempt to deflect from bad polls/leadership speculation Malcolm Turnbull announced…” as the man with charisma to burn, Andrew Robb, moves up 22 spots.

Nathan Rees’s quiet times didn’t last long, and the latest cab off the rank in that endless leadership speculation is John Della Bosca. What do you mean, almost harder to believe than Andrew Robb as Opposition Leader?

While on the actual policy issue du siecle, Wilson Tuckey continues to try and outdo Graeme Campbell, Nick Xenophon co-sponsors the Opposition study on the ETS (did he pay half? roars the peanut gallery) and Christine Milne up into the top 20 bagging the lot.

MT finally drawing a crowd, and it seems that the 13% who don’t believe climate change is happening all ring up talkback stations regularly … the silent majority stays silent.

1Malcolm Turnbull680
2Kevin Rudd587
3John Brumby239
4Anna Bligh115
5Nathan Rees95

Young men with lots of muscle, lots of money, lots of time, lots of adulation and no real job or study to ground them. Make them get real jobs during the week, its at least a start.

Greg Inglis1963964071676,565292

There’s more on the Media Monitors website.

Peter Fray

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