Crikey‘s story from last week on Quentin Tarantino’s lost records has had a happy ending.

Readers will recall that while in Melbourne for the launch of his latest gore fest Inglourious Basterds, the moody director decided to embark on some casual crate digging at local vinyl emporium Collector’s Corner.

But shockingly, Quentin was the victim of the old Switcheroo, when a brown paper bag of top-shelf finds, including a rare original score for 1973 blaxploitation classic The Mack, was spirited away by a rival shopper, leaving Tarantino with a sub-standard batch of bargain basement vinyl.

Word of the mix-up spread fast — after reading Crikey‘s story, the renegade shopper came up with the goods, attending Collector’s Corner to return the bounty to staff member Charles Ayre.

And now word has reached Crikey, via a Universal Music publicist, that the US auteur is “thrilled” by The Mack‘s impending return, with the bag of rarities currently wending its way via airmail from Swanston Street to Tarantino’s Hollywood home.

Collector’s Corner staff member Charles Ayre with Tarantino’s records