Australia’s brief rally in that pointless nineteenth-century game — the Afghan war, not the Ashes though the latter term fits — got army barmy Tim Blair all excited:

Scots sniper Corporal Christopher Reynolds discusses a successful one-mile shot on another Taliban leader:

‘He dropped straight away into the arms of a fighter behind him. The guy just panicked and dropped the leader and ran away. He had been given a lead sleeping tablet. I was quite proud of that shot — it is the longest recorded kill in Afghanistan. I am going to use that fact as a chat-up line in the pub when I get back home.’

It’s been a great week for the good guys.

Wow! A mile-long shot! Another eleven thousand nine-hundred and ninety-nine, and they’d be in range to hit Tim himself — or any of the journos who spruiked the war from well behind the lines. That’d really burst Tim’s bubble. Or burst something.