Aug 5, 2009

John Howard on the good, the bad and the well-read

In yesterday's lecture on 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly' of Australia's media, ex-PM John Howard warned of the importance of a "sceptical" media.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

There is a certain irony in a Prime Minister who made an artform out of aggressive spin lecturing a group of wannabe hacks on the importance of a “sceptical” media, but this is exactly what transpired at Melbourne University last night, when John Howard AC took to the stage to deliver a homily to a forgotten age of traditional news gathering.


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4 thoughts on “John Howard on the good, the bad and the well-read

  1. paddy

    You’re a brave man Andrew, well done and I’d say J.Green owes you a crate of beer. 🙂

    Sitting through 55 mins of the great leader, reminiscing about how things *should* be, seems above and beyond the call of duty.
    I certainly couldn’t have lasted the distance.

  2. AR

    The Rodent’s comment of meeja treatment of the Oxley Moron illustrates the difficult concept of litotes, which Oz has well rendered as “yer not wrong..!”
    It does NOT (necessarily) mean ‘correct’ but that a point is being made, even if as always with Mr Non Core (what is there in place of a heart?), even if for entirely the wrong reasons and mendacious in extemis.

  3. Tom McLoughlin

    Howard is mad. Stark raving mad. More sincere than a madman chasing you round the house with an axe.

    No sense of failure to locate WMD in Iraq.

    No understanding of Hansonism as misplaced pride in profound ignorance. Typical of a guy prostrate to privilege happy for the dumb to play in their own mud: A gun toting, rev head, white bread rump so scolded by missing out on free education in the 70ies and 80ies they can’t analyse their own frustration and take it out on foreigners instead of their own regretable ill education.

    No concept of why he was punted obviously. Like the small matter of the world’s best scientists giving us the hard word on global warming is real – like glaciers retreating, the carbonic acid dissolving the plankton (building blocks of say half our atmospheric oxygen). Small stuff like that.

    A small man, small man syndrome, with a 1950ies concept of ecological realities, weaned on big bang technology like Titterton’s promise of fusion reactors.

    Easily bracketed as ‘will not be missed’.

  4. Christine Harris

    ‘Archbishop Peter Hollingworth, whom Howard appointed in 2001’ –
    definitely a Howard app0intee – but which Howard? And surely belongs with Ernest Titterton (Tom, 5/8).

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