The Winners: Seven News was tops with 1.498 million, Today Tonight was second with 1.398 million and Nine’s Getaway was 3rd at 7.30pm with 1.301 million. Home and Away averaged 1.217 million and won 7pm, just in front of the repeat of Two and a Half Men for Nine at 7pm. Ten’s Rush stayed the course at 8.30pm and won with 1.147 million (but it’s so wooden and formula-driven). A Current Affair averaged 1.133 million, 20 to 1 averaged 1.117 million at 8.30pm for Nine and Nine News was 9th with 1.111 million. Seven’s The Amazing Race averaged 1.032 million (under a million next week). The 7pm ABC News was 11th with 1.013 million. The Footy Show averaged 957,000 nationally for both programs. The AFL program averaged 390,000 in Melbourne and got Nine home for the night.

The big news was in the morning where the earth had a bit of a shake as Today scored its first official ratings win over Seven’s Sunrise for the best part of five years.

The Losers: Seven’s Double Take and TV Burp are approaching the redline (see below). Seven’s True Beauty at 9.30pm has passed it: 743,000, along with the 8pm repeat of Rules of Engagement on Ten, 767,000. The 7.30pm fresh episode of Rules of Engagement averaged 835,000. It was beaten by The 7.30 Report into 4th spot.

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally and in every market but Today Tonight won everywhere but Melbourne where ACA won. Ten News averaged 877,000, The late News/Sports Tonight averaged 373,000. The 7.30 Report averaged 894,000 nationally. In Sydney the 7pm ABC News with 344,000 and The 7.30 Report with 316,000 both finished higher in the rankings than Nine News with 309,000 and ACA with 305,000. Lateline averaged 238,000. Lateline Business, 132,000. SBS News at 6.30pm, 173,000, the late, 131,000. 7am Today, 347,000, 7am Sunrise, 340,000.

The Stats: Nine won 6 pm to midnight All People with 29.6% (27.7%) from Seven with 26.0% (27.7%), Ten on 22.8% (unchanged), the ABC on 16.8% (15.4%) and SBS on 4.8% (6.2%). Now astute readers will have spotted the error where I gave the wrong figures for last week. Here’s Wednesday night’s prime time share figures Seven won 6 pm to midnight All People with 28.6% (27.6%), from Nine with 24.4% (24.8%), the ABC with 22.4% (19.2%), Ten with 19.1% (19.8%) and SBS with 5.5% (8.5%). Last night saw Seven win Sydney and Adelaide. Nine won Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Seven leads the week on 29.0% from Nine on 24.2% and Ten on 23.7%. In regional areas WIN/NBN averaged 29.0%, from Prime/&Qld with 23.7%, Southern Cross (ten) with 23.3%, the ABC with 17.8% and SBS with 6.2%.

Glenn Dyer’s Media Maul: The 7pm Project was a bit better last night (and not because Crikey‘s Deputy Editor Sophie Black was on the show talking about the Kylie Sandilands story). It continues to show promise and needs to work through the early weeks and getting its act together (which is normal for a new TV program). Having Muffy The runaway dog in Melbourne and her owners on the Gold Coast (nine years ago), was a good idea. The grown up news programs didn’t manage that.

So is The 7pm Project on the ski slope slide of death? Or did it turn last night, thanks to Crikey‘s Sophie Black?

A sounder week for The 7pm Project. It’s getting top 10 share in 18 to 39s, which is is Ten’s core audience and the longer it does that and slowly adds viewers, the safer it will be.

The show is produced by Rove’s production company, so wouldn’t you think that as ratings dipped, Ten and he could have conjured up an appearance or two to boost its appeal? It does have promise and even Dave Hughes seems to be better. But if there was one criticism, it’s still an FM breakfast radio format trying to be a TV show, and that won’t work. It’s TV program full stop. Different approach, different mindset.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: I don’t think you can say the same about Double Take and TV Burp on Seven from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. There was more than a touch of cross over between the formats last night. TV Burp could be a long second half of Double Take. The Kevin Rudd impersonation on Double Take was scary, as is the David Koch clone from Sunrise. Q&A rounded up some predictable folk — 426,000 watched. The 7pm Project was more interesting.

TONIGHT: SBS — will Shane Watson strain a hammy walking to the wicket after scoring 60-odd runs on the first day of the Test? After Brad Haddin broke a finger warming up, anything is possible. Who threw the ball? Remember how Glenn McGrath trod on a cricket ball warming up for the second test in 2005 and we lost the series after he rolled his ankle? Cricket teams captained by Ricky Ponting in England should be very wary of cricket balls.

Better Homes and Gardens on Seven is a highlight, the AFL and NRL if you are into footy. Seven and Nine have movies where there’s no footy. Ten has Law and Order Criminal Intent and The 7pm Project might be worth a look.

SATURDAY: Tonight’s cricket on SBS will be gripping. But there’s no bike riding to ease the pain. Nine has movies from 7.30pm. Seven has movies galore (watch one get three free). The ABC has (says he shuddering) East of Nowhere at 7.30pm. Ten has AFL and other stuff in various markets.

SUNDAY: Chat and footy everywhere during the day, cricket at night hopefully. Ten goes a movie at 6.30pm — then the good movie The Devil Wears Prada at 8.35pm. Nine’s highlight is the debut of its hyped Rescue Special Ops. Seven has Dancing With The Stars and a fresh Bones at 8.30pm. Given the ALP conference in Sydney, the Sunday morning chat programs will be full of interviews etc. A sleep in or early walk and coffee might be the order of the day.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports