Jul 31, 2009

Ashes 09: Hughes’ Twitter drop — Gen Y meets the Baggy Green

Phil Hughes performed a cricketing first today, becoming the first Test cricketer to ever announce on Twitter that he had been dropped -- before the Australian team had announced he was.

Jarrod Kimber

When he was a knee high to an off spinner, Jarrod's parents could not afford a junior cricket bat, so his fathers team mates cut a broken bat in half and gave it to him. Through childhood he carried that bat everywhere. Some say if you look at him today he still carries that bat with him, metaphorically speaking, not on the tram (or the tube). On the field he was a leg spinning all rounder, his major skills in cricket revolved around fielding, sledging and captaining, which didn't help at the selection tables. He once saw one player try to stab another with a stump. He once opened the bowling with two spinners, (Martin Crowe like), him and his mate got spanked. As well as cricket has he dabbled in film making and is currently making some sort of living out of cricket writing. His proudest moment is waking up Adam Gilchrist accidentally on a plane, and a documentary where you can see inside a guys asshole. He hopes, but does not really care, that you like his blogs.

Phil Hughes performed a cricketing first today. He was the first Test cricketer to ever announce he had been dropped on Twitter before the Australian team had announced he was. Let us all stand and applaud this achievement from the young man.

The opening batsman, aka @PH408, “tweeted”:

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9 thoughts on “Ashes 09: Hughes’ Twitter drop — Gen Y meets the Baggy Green

  1. meski

    CA, get with it. This is tame compared with Shane’s peccadilloes with SMS.

  2. deccles

    Agreed. CA need to join the 20th century.

  3. afoxrussell

    So, if i’m sacked, I have to wait for my employer to announce it first? Give me a break. Its not like he said anything defamatory. He was just a little shocked, and didn’t think about protocol.

  4. Stilgherrian

    Sorry, what’s this got to do with “Generation Y”? Particularly when Twitter users are an older demographic than most social platforms?

    But yes, Cricket Australia proves itself a bunch of out-of-touch control freaks. Again. What they should be livid about is their own inability to transmit information to their fans — you know, the people who support the game — promptly. Gawd, they’re outpaced by some three-person tweet-by-committee that can only generate 13 tweets in 24 days?

  5. Kirk Broadhurst

    I’m wondering how I get a job as a Test Cricketer’s IT guy. Sounds pretty sweet.

  6. meski

    Tweet by committee? LOLed at that.

  7. Jarrod Kimber

    Stilgherrian, I don’t even know what Generation Y really means.

    Something I only found out after this went up was that apparently the older generation of the press box were all in consultation with younger members trying to work out exactly what Twitter was. Quite a few gave up after only a few seconds. Others nodded a lot then had a lie down.

  8. Stilgherrian

    @Jarrod Kimber: The meaning of the whole Gen X / Gen Y / etc thing seems to flex and morph to suit the needs of the current pet theory of the marketing or advertising guru currently on stage at the overpriced conference you realise you shouldn’t have paid for. 😉

  9. meski

    It’s fitting that they should be defined by a wikipedia entry. But it looks like its those born 81 to 92.

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