The national poker machine party. There's a rough justice really whenever the Anti Pokies Party Senator Nick Xenophon is responsible for thwarting the plans of the Rudd Labor Government for the Labor Party in Canberra is one of the nation's big beneficiaries from poker machine revenue. Up until now the cash generated from the machines has gone into the coffers of the local Australian Capital Territory Branch but the prospect of a multi tens of million dollar jackpot has seen the Federal Labor authorities start muscling in.

The windfall pokies payout will come from taking advantage of a provision in the constitution of clubs trading as a company under a Canberra Labor Clubs banner that makes the Labor Party, rather than the individual club members who put their hard earned through the machines, the beneficiary of any profits that result from a sale. Last year directors of these Labor Clubs determined that the best interest of the company (effectively the local Labor Party branch) would be served by finding a buyer and the Party pocketing the lump sum.