Here are some more. MORE! It’s a never ending stream of pet photos. Readers’ pets, readers’ pets, readers’ pets. You think I can’t handle all of the photos of Readers’ pets? I laugh at your insignificant quantity of pet photos. You call this too many pet photos? You have seen nothing.

And most importantly they are all adorable. Every single one.

Except for Claire’s dog Anne Hathaway who has no back legs

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Nobody loves me because I am so ugly
I have no back legs

And also this one whose name is Katherine Heigl

I am looking in the other direction
A two legged dog! I can't bear to look.

Then we have “Roy”. As you can see from this photo he is horribly disfigured, has no legs at all and also a human hand growing out the side of his head! What an abomination he is!  His owner is trying to dull the pain by drinking vodka out of a plastic cup while sitting on top of a hill.

Drink now!
My turn! My turn!

Meanwhile Beyonce is practising for her planned tightrope walk on the clothesline.

A dog with no legs you say? How awful!

And then along comes an animal who is as close to perfect as you could hope for.

Why have you come here earthling?

Unlike this one that appears to be living in the scrub behind the garden shed.

The last thing xxx saw
The last thing Michael Jackson saw before he died. True!

Cruelty has many faces…

No really, I love it! I'll wear it to work tomorrow.


Hello Firstdog,

This is my cat Nala.  She has a twitter [@nalaisevil] and her hobbies include being fat and disgruntled, eating and being disgrunted and all other activities that involve minimum effort to produce maximum disgruntledness.  Her vet says she has ‘beautiful markings’   That is all.
Please put me back in my tube.

But if you really want to know how to photograph your pet, look no further than this. This is not an actual reader’s pet because it is a cat from the internet. But you get the idea. Some might suggest this is cruel, others might suggest it is hilarious because they are brutes.

Off with his head!

I found this because I follow @clembastow on Twitter.

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