The latest TIME poll has revealed Daily Show host Jon Stewart as the most trusted newscaster in the United States.

The poll was rather limited, choosing only four out of the vast masses of American newscasters (leaving out CNN’s silver fox Anderson Cooper — a great injustice), but given the sheer insanity of 24-hour news channels it’s hardly surprising that a news satire show — one that consistently cuts through it all — manages to top the lot. We wonder whether Stewart’s Emmy-worthy critique of the financial news networks (and in particular, CNBC’s Jim Cramer) and their role in the GFC has earned him a higher level of trust in the voters.

Given the sudden rise of news-parody shows in Australia, we wonder how such a poll would run here, pitting comedians against the greats of Australian journalism. For now, Channel Ten has stressed that their new news-based comedy show, The 7PM Project, is really not The Daily Show (and we agree), so Kerry O’Brien and Tony Jones probably don’t have to worry about Dave Hughes just yet.

As an aside, it’s interesting to note that Iowa somehow consistently votes the opposite of everyone else in TIME polls. As BuzzFeed asks, What’s up Iowa?

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