And here’s one we prepared earlier… The Daily Telegraph this week gave new meaning to the cooking phrase.

In the Crikey offices, the Wankley this week was not a controversial choice, as the winner of MasterChef has turned out to be.

Erin McWhirter and the itchy trigger fingers of the Daily Telegraph website editors, who were no doubt eager to get the MasterChef winner’s story out first, led to the website announcing the incorrect winner half an hour before the show had even ended. Andrew Dodd had the full story for Crikey after the Sunday night cook-off.

It wasn’t any great shock that the Tele had prepared articles for either outcome, just very odd for McWhirter to have obtained quotes by interviewing both Poh and Julie as though they’d lost.

The runner-up Wankley really should go to Ten for keeping such a tight grip on who the winner was, when all this fuss could have been avoided simply by making the final cook-off live.

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