There could be some interesting times in the elections for the Board of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras this year. The past few years have seen less nominations than there are seats at the board table and all of those who nominated for the board were elected unopposed.

Things are a little different this year as there are more nominations than there are places at the table. This will see members of Mardi Gras actually being able to vote for the people they want on the board for the first time in a number of years. It would seem however that after a year of strained relations and odd public utterances, the current Chair may be in for a rough ride if he tries to get back onto the Board.

Similarly some former Board members who left in less then positive circumstances also seem to be interested in getting back on the board. These developments could lead to some interesting questions being raised at the AGM on the 19th of August. Staging the meeting at NIDA might be prophetic given the potential for drama.

Spotted around Rockhampton/Yeppoon over the past few days, representatives of Tower Holdings. Their latest attempt to re-develop Great Keppel Island — bought by the company for a steal two years ago, before shutting down the resort despite it contradicting their agreement with the Queensland Government — fell through because nothing could convince the Woppaburra Land Trust to lease the land handed back to them only two years ago. Present at the handing back of the land on Great Keppel Island two years ago was Anna Bligh. Gordon Nuttall has nothing on this boiling kettle, and it’s all about to implode.

You missed the inestimable Alby Schultz! Having secured a second parliamentary pension [and lost an eye in the process], Alby tried to install his son in the seat as a sort of baronial approach to rural politics, but failed. Indeed, has been failing at most things lately, converting an 11% margin in the seat of Hume to a barely there marginal seat.

And despite all his efforts, he has failed to make the Barton Highway that goes from his electorate into Canberra, anything more than a twisting goat track that takes the lives of quite of his electors each year.

The word is that this was because a National party grandee wanted to take the upgraded highway East of the village of Murrumbateman — and closer to his subdivision — so Alby fought it … and was happier to have no upgrade than one that benefited a National party supporter.

And, Peter Lindsay. He just just survived a 6.3% swing by 173 votes.

Some silliness at Melbourne 3AW radio on Tuesday. Neil Mitchell and his reporter Donna Demaio spoke on 3AW Melbourne radio yesterday and posted this story about an AFL fan website using the widely used in AFLland tongue-in-cheek term Jihad Stadium instead of Etihad Stadium. In the words on Ms. Demaio — “But surely, racism, offensive language and insults are going too far.”

It was later revealed by the website themselves that The Age newspaper (owned by Fairfax which own 3AW) had themselves used the term Jihad Stadium six weeks beforehand on their website.

The Age website quickly removed references to the Jihad Stadium after 3AW’s story yesterday however Google Cache retained the evidence.

Where’s Dr Who? Defence advertises for Tardis manager. They’re hiding the alien time travellers up in Russell, apparently. Salary package includes sonic screwdriver and attractive female assistant.