All this benign economic news has translated to very little interest in politics generally, and most of the media coverage (until Wilson’s whinge) focused on international issues, pushing Stephen Smith up one more spot (although we have an inkling Malcolm will recapture at least number two for next week).

Peter Garrett is keeping the home reactors burning nicely, right up to fourth, while John Faulkner moved up on more bad news in Afghanistan — the moon landing anniversary and gritting his teeth and pretending he doesn’t like “buy Australian” got Kim Carr onto the list.

The announcement of broadband tenders pushed the generally low profile Stephen Conroy up in a light news week, which also must be the explanation for Colin Barnett’s adventures in China getting him up to 11th, while Greg Combet was doing most of the talking on climate change.

Top three exactly the same as last week — it looks like talkback may have found a new cartoon villain.

Rank Politician Talkback
1 Peter Garrett 205
2 Kevin Rudd 131
3 Nathan Rees 102
4 Colin Barnett 39
5 Anna Bligh 36

Ahhh, the magic of a cooking show, millions of us standing around the water cooler debating who’s food is better, when none of us have actually tasted any of it … what do you mean its not actually about the cooking?

Press Radio TV Internet Total INDEX
Julie Goodwin 83 77 254 119 1,647 133

There’s more on the Media Monitors website.