After all the talk about Australia’s great culinary excellence and creativity that’s what it came down to.  The judges seemed uncomfortable with asian food, deeply impressed by OTT deserts and were heavily engaged with the winner’s propensity for emotional outbursts.  Unfortunately, as with so many of these reality shows, the best competitors seem to get culled out along the way. I think a few let themselves down by thinking that creativity and presentation really mattered for much (beyond the ‘just because I can’ deserts). The winner was compelling as an average mum passionate about spreading love with her inspiring roast chooks (sage and garlic stuffing – who would have thought) – but as a chef running a 100 plate a night place perhaps not so convincing. Still great television, massive audiences and lots of debate and controversy.  The advertisers who got onboard early must look and feel like marketing geniuses now. And if it gets more people interested in the pretty straight forward task of cooking good meals at home then that’s great. Personally, I thought the finals week was a disappointment.