Heavens to betsy! That last post is full up to pussies bow with adorable pet photos and snide remarks about readers and their animals, so I shall start another one. Keep sending them in because it is not like I have a real job. If you would like to be insulted along with the beast you most love email me your pet photos!

Anyway, infamous drunkard “Alison” has sent this photo of her tormented cat Tumi

Come over here so I can punch your face in
The giant clam waits for the hapless scuba diver

Then there is this adorable misshapen creature whose photo was sent in by Professional Labrador Abductor “Jo”

Loses innocence in 3 2 1...
Recovering from loss of innocence
The late Elvis phase

According to “Alan” this is a cat named Mistress Smudge, however that is ridiculous it is clearly a Reverse Albino Skunk Ferret

Reverse Albino Skunk Ferret

This is Flea, who is not a Flea but a dog. It is friends with that other dog from before.

What a handsome beast

Some pervert has sent photos of “Mittens” who is clearly dead. Who sends photographs of dead kittens to complete strangers?

I am clearly dead

Wait, I feel better

Back from the beyond the grave! Just to let you know that god is a huge cat and you are all in a lot of trouble.

This would be the photo of the day…

I hate you

If it wasn’t for this one

I said I do NOT wish to see the Dauphin! Send him away

This one is pretty good too… I love the inevitability, the inherent tension, the crazy dog eyes!


And this is the cover of Bernard Keane’s latest album “All my Emo Pets”