The Stern Hu arrest has unsurprisingly launched Stephen Smith, Julie Bishop and Simon Crean way up the list from their usual subterranean profile, and it has also take Kevin Rudd back to the three to one coverage advantage over anyone else that was the norm for the first 15 months of his prime ministership.

Other movers are Nick Xenophon getting back to those retail politics (literally) that are the bread and butter of the Independent as the big supermarket chains show a bit of muscle now that both FuelWatch and Grocery choice are dead (well at least they weren’t big election commitments, right?).

Anna Bligh meanwhile quite happy to slip down the list after a torrid couple of months.

Peter Garrett’s attempt to ban walking up Uluru was music to talkback comperes’ ears.

Rank Politician Talkback
1 Peter Garrett 270
2 Kevin Rudd 250
3 Nathan Rees 156
4 John Brumby 128
5 Wayne Swan 82

The amount of free PR (particularly on the interwebs — including rival station’s sites) — getting to the level of stories about nookie between the contestants, has surprised even this jaded hack.

Press Radio TV Internet Total INDEX
Masterchef 75 72 29 178 1,357 89

There’s more on the Media Monitors website.