Executives from all 16 Chinese steel mills participating in iron ore price talks this year have been bribed by Rio Tinto employees, an industry insider claimed yesterday, amid reports that the government is considering invalidating 20 iron ore import licences to regulate the chaotic ore import  business.

That is the sensational claim published in this morning’s edition of the English language China Daily.


As a result, the scope of China’s inquiry has broadened since it first detained Australian national and Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu on suspicion of spying and stealing state secrets, as well as three other Rio Tinto employees, on 5 July.

China Daily‘s website says:

Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corp (Ansteel) is among five major Chinese steel makers reported to be embroiled in the espionage scandal linked to Anglo-Australian miner Rio Tinto, the latest episode in a widening investigation into alleged leaks of State secrets.

The nub of the bribery allegation, not contained in the version of the story on the paper’s website when the Breakfast Wrap was compiled, is this:

090715chinadailybribeextractThe China Daily report says: