In exciting news for wonks and fans of travelling side-shows everywhere, Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull recently announced the long-awaited return of the Coalition’s Debt Truck — the billboard on wheels that travels around the countryside broadcasting Australia’s national debt figure.

This morning, @TurnbullMalcolm put the call-out on Twitter for suggestions of where to send the journeying jalopy:


We know Crikey readers are always eager to help a politician in need, so we’re collecting ideas here for the embattled leader.

Leave your suggestion in the comments below — the best one will win a pack of Crikey swag.


Matthew Rodd, who said: “I’m moving house shortly. Do you think I could borrow it?”

Congrats Matthew, if you can get in touch we’ll send you some nifty prizes — First Dog has included your answer in today’s cartoon, which is a prize in itself.

Kudos to skink for our other favourite entry, which didn’t answer the question but we thought deserved a special mention: