The team behind the Sydney-spawned and now-global Earth Hour movement (for which The Age was called out for shamelessly spruiking in 2008) is expanding its sights beyond just convincing people to turn off lights for an hour a year.

Now they’re looking at Copenhagen, asking people to vote, rather obliquely, for either the planet or global warming. Urging fans to show their support through social networking, on Monday, the Earth Hour team launched a five-minute “lights-off” video montage, set to the soundtrack of Mary and Max with some uplifting “we can do it” subtitles:

Earth Hour, organised by the WWF, has been pretty successful at self-promotion thus far and it’s clear they will receive the token support they seek online — but how does this translate into real terms at the December United Nations climate change meeting in Copenhagen? What exactly, other than unspecified “action” to prevent climate change, is Earth Hour hoping to achieve?