Getting a political message through to people is no easy matter. When the opinion pollsters tell us that, by and large, Australians are confident about the future despite the world being in its worst economic recession for 80 years, it is clear that more than words are needed to turn thoughts away from the everyday matters of work, family, friends and football. Which is why politicians keep trying to come up with gimmicks that will create the "cut-through" in interest that will let them improve their own career opportunities. I mean, how do you scare someone about government debt when people don't regard it as anything to do with them?

This week the Liberal Party has resurrected an old idea that worked back in the 1990s in the hope that history might repeat itself. Welcome back debt truck, with its giant billboard that can be constantly updated to illustrate in dramatic fashion how a Labor Government is funding us all living beyond our means. Australians are paying a heavy price for Labor's reckless spending, said Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull at the unveiling.