Business people (at least) in Robertson electorate received a very large Fridge Magnet calendar from their Federal member in their post office box today (copy of mine below) — it’s full A4 width and 70,000 of them would have cost a few bob. By contrast, State member Marie Andrews usually sends out a cardboard calendar with a small magnet glued on the back, delivered to everyone’s letterbox by the postie; don’t remember receiving one from her this year though.

Life inside the SA Liberals is again beginning to resemble the 1970s split with the wets focussed on internal control while the right is in a panic over how to win an election. The conundrum of the right is whether to let the wets’ Vickie Chapman take the leadership while they wait for more members of the right to get elected in 2010 and toss her out. The problem with that is that it repeats the Brown/Olsen challenge that got the party into so much trouble in the mid 90s where a record landslide win in 93 was totally eroded in 97.

Their chance to axe Chapman is to do her over now. What the party heavyweights are considering is whether to back an Isobel Redmond/Steven Griffiths ticket with two relatively inexperienced MPs at the top that would knock Chapman out of contention and onto the backbench. The residual problem is that her background attack dogs (ex-MP Pratt and current fed MP Chris Pyne) will not take the umpires decision and will cause ongoing disruption. It’s time the party formalised its factions, put in place a method of dealing with outbursts of ambition and presented a united face.

If not, the Chapman mob should be forced out of the party where they will wither and die just as their 1970s predecessors did (The Liberal Movement).

How ironic — Media Watch devote half their program to berating the ABC News studio automation system. Media Watch ends, and viewers are treated to one and a half minutes of black and silence (a lifetime in live TV) before the news suddenly appears in mid-program. Did someone laugh so much at the reruns of old mistakes that they forgot to push the right button?

Which private school in Hawthorn, Melbourne recently had its computer networks compromised, including all personal data of its students, parents, staff, etc by unknown persons?