Jul 7, 2009

Fifteen turbulent years of Australia’s economy, in graphs

Bernard Keane graphs the evolution of the Australian economy, and its politics, since the end of the Keating era.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Bear with me. This graph, based on ABS data released last Friday, has an important story to tell. About the evolution of the Australian economy and its politics since the end of the Keating era.


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5 thoughts on “Fifteen turbulent years of Australia’s economy, in graphs

  1. Mark Duffett

    I know Tasmania’s small, but surely not so small as to be invisible at this scale?

    Otherwise, some very nice graph porn, thanks BK.

  2. Evan Beaver

    Agreed, no need for me to ‘bear with you’ on this BK. A thoroughly informative and properly investigated article. Must be the first journalism ever included on Crikey? (if you believe Hartigan).

    The massive decline in manufacturing is not just a hunch here either. I’d heard mention of it and never seen the numbers, but, well, there you go. I would argue that the rise of China is a large part of the reason?

    But yes, great article, and good to see some graphs for a change.

  3. Roger Clifton

    Calling our ageing population a timebomb appears to assume that age pensions are paid from the income tax of youngsters. If however, we tax the economy directly, such as GST or carbon tax, the threat vanishes.

  4. Bernard Keane

    I’ll cop to the criticism from Taswegians. Indeed, Eleri from Crikey queried me too. But… too small and didn’t actually change – I think the change in 17 years was 0.1%.

  5. John Molloy

    I know NSW is a problem, but the graphs are not corrected for population changes Queensland for example has had a relative increase in population compared with NSW. That’s why they are gaining federal seats, and we are losing them.

    The NSW problem is not as bad as it appears here.

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