I know they do things differently over there, but seriously, feeding cocaine to an animated eyeball is supposed to keep the kids off drugs?

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse “Xperiment” site developed by DraftFCB Toronto, Rune Entertainment and Jam3Media, uses a lot of fancy multimedia —  and a not-so-fancy paddle ball game — to show the effects of three drugs (cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy) on an animated eyeball called Earl.

Says Media Bistro:

The creative parties involved seemed to have covered all the bases, from the dark-lit street scene and the ominous music to the cool drug lingo

So meet Earl:

While the scary music, dingy industrial background and creepy floating eyeball Earl are certainly ominous, there isn’t much about the site that is reminiscent of actual experiences or situations with drugs, and the eyeball’s impersonation of a nose showing cocaine effects is just silly.