Down south all the papers had the AFL clash between St Kilda and Geelong in common but generally it was a day where editors went their separate ways on the nation’s front pages.


Women’s Lib revolution: Redmond versus Chapman in Liberal leadership battleAdelaide Advertiser

Visy linked to Angels bikie bossThe Melbourne Age

Uighur Muslims riot as ethnic tensions rise in China – The Guardian



Naval love

Navy fears sex probe may spread – Top brass in the Royal Australian Navy fear an inquiry into sailors ticking up sex acts on HMAS Success could reveal the extent of illicit sex at sea – Melbourne Herald Sun

Julia Gillard slams Navy sex ‘ledger’ – Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard wants action taken against navy seamen if it is found they hatched a contest which rewarded them for having sex with female crew – Brisbane Courier Mail

Four sent home over sex game Melbourne Age

Navy defended over sex claims – Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick has defended the navy against suggestions it cultivates demeaning attitudes towards women – The Australian

Political love

Green MPs confess their love on party floor – Tasmanian Greens leader Nick McKim and new member Cassy O’Connor each stood and told a party room meeting they are in love with each other before publicly declaring their feelings in a statement. Mr McKim, 44, split with his long-time partner earlier this year while mother of four Ms O’Connor, 42, recently separated from her second husband – Hobart Mercury



Women’s Lib revolution: Redmond versus Chapman in Liberal leadership battle – The SA Liberal leadership ballot is shaping up as a two-horse race – with the winner to become the state’s first female head of a major political party – Adelaide Advertiser

SA Liberal leader, Martin Hamilton-Smith to stand down – The Australian

Vote debacle turns party leadership mess to farce – comments Michael Owen in The Australian

Jostling begins as Libs pray for poll recovery – Opposition Leader, Malcolm Turnbull, is playing his cards close to his chest on a planned reshuffle of his front bench, prompting some of his colleagues to start jockeying for advancement and triggering another dose of leadership speculation – Sydney Morning Herald

Poll-axed Turnbull hangs on as leader – for now – writes Phillip Coorey in the Sydney Morning Herald

Economic matters

Job slump hits migrants most – George Megalogenis finds Australian-born workers have been shielded from the worst of the global recession, as employers have mainly restricted the economy-wide job losses to migrant workers – The Australian

Home buyers’ dreams alive – Over the weekend, Melbourne home buyers continued to defy doomsday predictions that the property bubble was going to burst – Melbourne Herald Sun

Road smashes having a crushing impact on state’s economyBrisbane Courier Mail

RBA expected to hold rates amid inflation fears – The Australian

Aboriginal affairs

Racism blamed for non-treatment of Aboriginal children – Brisbane Courier Mail

Political perks

Making a meal of half-a-million bucks – Victorian taxpayer has shelled out almost $480,000 for boozy lunches, coffee mornings and late-night entertainment at some of the city’s top gourmet restaurants for Brumby government ministers and their staff. Bills ranged from $110 for a flower arrangement to $30,000 banquets at top hotels – Melbourne Herald Sun

Anna Bligh rejects Peter Beattie’s criticism – Premier Anna Bligh has disputed Peter Beattie’s assertion that she should have declared a free holiday from a friend dealing with the Government. Ms Bligh said yesterday that Mr Beattie was “entitled to his opinion” – Brisbane Courier Mail

MPs attempt to claw back some of their super perksSydney Morning Herald

Political games

Slavish policy blamed for low-show – The Sydney Morning Herald descends to Young Liberals politics

The Grand tour

Climate, economy top PM’s tour agendaAdelaide Advertiser


NSW in the grips of a blackout crisis – NSW is in a blackout crisis, with residents hit with almost 10,000 power outages a year. Residents of Sydney, the Illawarra, Central Coast and the Hunter were left without power for almost 1.4 million minutes in just 11 months from June last year to May – Sydney Daily Telegraph


090706sagenimbyEx-premiers go NIMBY – Two former Labor premiers are lining up against a multi-storey apartment development on the Williamstown foreshore that is being proposed by a developer half owned by former Liberal Party heavyweight Ron Walker – Melbourne Age

Former AHA liquor cop arrested after drunken outburst – A former top liquor cop who became a hotel industry spokesman was arrested and kicked out of a Sydney bar after drunkenly abusing police. Ex-inspector John Green, who was in charge of examining alcohol-related violence, swore at police as he and colleagues from the Australian Hotels Association drank after an official AHA function – Sydney Daily Telegraph

Freedom of information

Victorian FOI claims outsourced to businessMelbourne Age


We’re missing out on the nuclear boom – writes Malcolm Farr in the Sydney Daily Telegraph – because a Labor Government, certainly a Rudd Labor government, won’t do the preparation that could take Australia into the era of cheap, clean power which is now common in big areas of the US and Europe.

Settling old scores – Glenn Milne in The Australian says what Kevin Rudd has actually done is launch a concerted attack on the media in the form of News Ltd newspapers

Letting the free market loose on climate change carries risk – Lindy Edwards in the Melbourne Age writes that the proposed emissions trading scheme squibs on the hard decisions.

It’s guaranteed this recession will be different – but how? Ross Gittins tries to work it out in the Sydney Morning Herald

Looking like losers – South Australia’s Liberals are in a mess of their own making says the editorial in The Australian


Chinese Moslems

Uighur Muslims riot as ethnic tensions rise in China – protests over deaths of workers turn violent as mobs burn buses and attack residents from ethnic minorities in western province – The Guardian

Economic matters

Make-or-break summit as G8 gamble on climate and economyThe Australian

Political life

New Silvio Berlusconi photo scandal overshadows G8The Australian


Seven proven policies that will help build a cleaner planet – are outlined in The Australian by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Bernie Madoff Is No John Dillinger – Frank Rich in The Neew York Times argues that in the context of America’s own Great Recession, Bernie Madoff’s old-fashioned Ponzi scheme was merely a one-off next to the esoteric and (often legal) heists by banks and bankers.


Pills patent fight – Pharmaceutical companies have warned that $1 billion of research funding and thousands of jobs will be lost if patent protection laws are diluted – Melbourne Herald Sun

Queensland Rail lands massive contract – The 11-year contract with global coal giant Peabody Energy comes as the Queensland Government tries to off-load the coal freight division as part of a $15 billion infrastructure sell-off – Brisbane Courier Mail

090706townsville1Major rail freight delays – a massive backlog has resulted in freight delays of up to four months for Queensland Rail customers such as Xstrata, leaving millions of dollars in freight going nowhere – Townsville Bulletin

Suncorp in a price vice for bank asset sell-off – Suncorp could be forced to mark down the price of its banking assets to find a buyer among its regional rivals, with concerns the competition regulator will not allow a top four bank to increase its market position – The Australian

Big Four raisings weaken returns – The earning power of shares of the Big Four banks will fall sharply this year because of a sector-wide round of capital raisings aimed at supporting expansion plans and shoring up their debt-stressed balance sheets – Melbourne Age

Out the door, but why did Morris walk?Sydney Morning Herald looks at the departure of a Westpac executive


Wind power has its own environmental problemsMiami Herald


Rival networks vie to put hits online for catch-upsThe Australian

Gyngell vows Nine will better Ten’s One The Australian

All Saints not renewed by Seven – The Australian



Junk-food ads targeted in war on obesity – The Government’s National Preventative Health Taskforce has recommended tough action as addiction to foods high in salt, sugar and fat takes a toll on Australian youth – Sydney Daily Telegraph

Fatty diets endanger one in three teens – Adelaide Advertiser

Amber ale excused as genetics blamed for ‘beer belly’ – Brisbane Courier Mail


Part-time teachers disrupting Queensland classes, union warnsBrisbane Courier Mail

Swine flu

Young males head the swine flu count – males aged 5 to 29 years, are most likely to contract swine flu, new data shows – Adelaide Advertiser


The day crewmen of Front Puffin united to save ravaged souls – Paul Toohey writes of the harrowing accounts of scenes on the offshore oil facility Front Puffin after the navy sought help for the survivors of Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel 36, which exploded off Ashmore Reef on April 16 – The Australian

Law and order

Criminal groups infiltrate security industryThe Australian

Visy linked to Angels bikie boss – The Melbourne Age reports corporate giant and major political donor Visy Industries employs a trucking company run by a convicted drug trafficker and founding chapter boss of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle group.

The punt

750,000 reasons for cash rate to stay steady – Centrebet asked for big bet on the Reserve Bank opting for no change – Melbourne Age


Reburial project in crisis – The ambitious project to exhume, identify and rebury 400 Australian and British World War I soldiers found in a mass grave in a French battlefield is in crisis after a Defence Department decision to use a cut-price contractor – Melbourne Age


The Best Kids’ Books Ever – Nicholas D. Kristof, writing in The New York Times, was aghast to learn that American children drop in I.Q. each summer vacation – because they aren’t in school or exercising their brains. A mountain of research points to a central lesson: Pry your kids away from the keyboard and the television this summer, and get them reading. To help, Mr Kristof gives his list of the Best Children’s Books – Ever! “Charlotte’s Web,” the story of the spider who saves her friend, the pig, is the kindest representation of an arthropod in literary history and ranks on top.


Smokers support cigarette price hike – claims Public Health Association – Melbourne Age


Toilet’s unisex transformation to end gay beat hotspotSydney Daily Telegraph