On Wednesday, News Ltd. CEO John Hartigan asked an audience at Canberra’s National Press Club:

How many journalists in this room have written a story recently that was original, exclusive, highly relevant and genuinely useful to your audience?

Perhaps not a question AdelaideNow have asked themselves recently, going by the story that the News Ltd site reported yesterday, under the headline ‘Bec’s ample assets spark boob job rumours’:

Bec Hewitt has attracted attention at Wimbledon for sporting a tiny white top that shows off her ample assets, prompting rumours she’s had a boob job.

They are decidedly larger than when she stepped out with husband Lleyton in tow at the 2006 Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Bec, who is naturally slim and bounces back from pregnancy with seeming ease, looked as if she had undergone a boob job. But with six-month-old Cruz, brother to Mia, 3, her physique could simply be a result of breastfeeding.

If the comparison here isn’t clear enough for you, the folks at AdelaideNow have put together a gallery of Bec’s boobs before, after and in between babies. You decide — breast-feeding? Or breast-augmented?

As the caption goes, “what a difference a year makes.” A year and a BABY.

Tony Roche is doing his darndest not to look:

AdelaideNow goes on:

She missed much of Lley Lley’s gutsy win over Radek Stepanek.The former soap star dashed out of the grandstands twice in the five-set thriller. “I’ve got to go — I have to feed the little one,” Bec said.

While not “original, exclusive, highly relevant and genuinely useful” news, it does seem like Bec Hewitt is breast-feeding.