Federal Liberals high on the list as the political focus has remained squarely on Malcolm Turnbull and the slightest sniff of any movement by those beside and behind him, but there is the feeling in the air that with the winter recess now upon us, there are a few dogs barking, but the ute has moved on. Whether he can rebound in the opinion polls is another matter.

Evidence of news coverage fragmentation continues to build, with Penny Wong and other climate spokespeople getting virtually no coverage on television, a fair bit on radio and plenty in print and internet media, meanwhile Utegate dominated broadcast media while not quite so much in print and online.

New boys on the list were Craig Emerson, left with Chris Bowen’s Grocery Choice failure to explain, and rather more regular entrant Chris Evans as concern over an expected increase in numbers of people attempting to enter Australia illegally by boat got some coverage, once again in the serious media but not television.

Rudd still way ahead on talkback and Tony Abbott a solid third, many talkbackers still avoiding forming any kind of view, positive or negative, on Malcolm Turnbull, or just not willing to mention them out loud? Some would say that the only really lasting thing any human can give is the expression of their artistic talent, and that politics is just what’s left for the rest of us to squabble over. Some would say.

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