The producers of Bruno were taking no chances at the film’s Sydney premiere, making the Chaser boys sign agreements not to disrupt the show prior to being allowed in, and having them watched by security gorillas throughout.

According to the SMH:

Chaser executive producer Julian Morrow later tweeted: ‘Universal Studios must have a sense of humour … but obviously they don’t have a sense of irony.’

This might be a reverse morissette*, in that the only way Australia’s leading pranksters can get into a movie about the world’s leading pranksters is to be temporarily renounce pranksterism. Therefore, it’s Morrow who lacks a sense of irony, while Universal Studios has it in spades. What they don’t have is a sense of humour, whereby they would tolerate a pranksterish interruption to Bruno.

Must lie down now. Brain hurts.

*morrissette, a form of meta-irony, named after the blessed Alanis, for her song in which symmetrical bad luck (rain on your wedding day, free ride when you’ve already paid) is mistaken for irony, thus making the one ironic thing about the song, ‘Isn’t it ironic’, the fact that nothing the song describes actually is. A reverse morrissette is, well, see above.