I’m not quite as anti MySpace as a lot of people are.  Sure, the band pages tend to be ugly and the layout is awful and it is filled up with lots of extraneous junk, but really, at the end of the day I find it pretty useful when chasing down bands, especially smaller artists.

Still, it is bad enough that it was likely that someone was going to come up with a better mousetrap and maybe that’s what Bandcamp is.

The layout is certainly better and some of the features — the use of metadata, the ability to easily charge for downloads, the format choices — are superior, from what I understand.

Anyway, I know people are always looking for an alternative to MySpace — it came up on Twitter the other day — so I thought this was worth a mention.  I’ve embedded Bandcamp’s explantory video so you can get an overview of what they are offering.

(Thanks to reader Francesco for the tip)