Janet Albrechtsen has denounced the coup in Honduras as an assault on democracy, and praised the brave protestors putting their bodies on the line to preserve the rule of law; in the UK Mad Melanie Phillips has denounced those on the right who would quibble about abstruse constitutional law in the face of a military takeover; while in the US, the National Review's "corner" blog has been running hot with praise for the brave Honduran protestors.

Oh, sorry. I was in UpsideDownAbsurdistan for a moment. In fact the Honduran coup has been greeted with near silence from the right, which was waxing lyrical about the brave youth of Iran -- whom they would cheerfully see bombed to crap if Israel asked them to -- despite the fact that the military has now closed down all anti-coup TV and radio stations, including CNN Espanol, and the Latin America wide Telesur network.