The Australian Taxation Office has decided to audit the books of Australians who have more than $30 million in personal wealth. The ATO dragnet will cover more than 1200 people on the nation’s rich list. A random check has revealed that very few in this tax bracket are paying their correct share of the tax burden. Indeed, most of them have high-powered tax lawyers who use a variety of devices — family trusts and overseas havens — to avoid their lawful tax obligations. After 11 years of a tax honeymoon during the Howard era, the Commonwealth has decided that it’s high time all Australians, especially those who are living high on the hog, paid their tax dues to live and work in the country they call home.

Bush’s Pet Foods went into receivership on Friday 26th June 2009. 200 employees in limbo … dry pet food plant in Dubbo also in Receivership.

Channel Seven screened Scary Movie 3 on Saturday night with a very tasteless part about Michael Jackson in it followed by an ad for their Michael Jackson special on Monday. Fools!

Separated at birth? US Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor vs. Therese Rein: