Some Dos and Don'ts for Richard Wilkins. DO take a breath. Yes, it's a big day. It's very exciting and everyone in Hollywood seems to be dead and dying. It's your moment. Things haven't been this fast paced since Heath Ledger's body was wheeled out of a New York apartment at about the same time, our time. We're all a little flustered and it's very hard to resist the lure of constant updates and rumours and RTs. That and you get to say things like "the king of pop is dead" and "the man in the mirror is gone" and "it doesn't matter if you're black or white, the thriller is no more". Sure, go there if you have to. But DON'T repeat everything you read on Twitter. At least, not on live television. And DON'T run the Jeff Goldblum montage until you've actually confirmed that he's dead:

DO take heed of the wise tweets of Kevin Spacey:

@KevinSpaceyJeff Goldblum is alive and well. I just spoke to his manager. Stop these stupid rumors.

And DON'T make poor Karl do your dirty work with his embarrassing backpeddling while you look sheepish: