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Jun 26, 2009

Richard Wilkins’ Goldblum gaffe

Do's and Don'ts for Richard Wilkins: don't repeat everything you read on Twitter. At least, not on live television, writes Sophie Black.

Some Dos and Don'ts for Richard Wilkins. DO take a breath. Yes, it's a big day. It's very exciting and everyone in Hollywood seems to be dead and dying. It's your moment. Things haven't been this fast paced since Heath Ledger's body was wheeled out of a New York apartment at about the same time, our time. We're all a little flustered and it's very hard to resist the lure of constant updates and rumours and RTs. That and you get to say things like "the king of pop is dead" and "the man in the mirror is gone" and "it doesn't matter if you're black or white, the thriller is no more". Sure, go there if you have to. But DON'T repeat everything you read on Twitter. At least, not on live television. And DON'T run the Jeff Goldblum montage until you've actually confirmed that he's dead:

DO take heed of the wise tweets of Kevin Spacey:

@KevinSpaceyJeff Goldblum is alive and well. I just spoke to his manager. Stop these stupid rumors.

And DON'T make poor Karl do your dirty work with his embarrassing backpeddling while you look sheepish:

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9 thoughts on “Richard Wilkins’ Goldblum gaffe

  1. Christine Johnson

    Lisa Wilkinson she was bouncing off as many walls as Dicky digging herself in on the rumoured passing of Goldblum. Atleast Dick covered himself but ditzy Lisa waffled on… “he’s been in Jurassic Park, The Fly the Big Chill…wasn’t Jeff married to Gina Davis…I don’t think they had children together…she had them later with her next husband…end of an era on all fronts? And later in a link to the US and Rani Sadler Lisa babbles about poor Lisa Presley losing a super-star Dad and now former partner ” what would be the impact on her? Lisa’s piece de resistance came with the revelation website rumour-mongers had fostered the fake alert on Goldblum. ” Oh, that’s sick, she says”! Dingaling!

  2. Glenn

    There’s no doubt Richard Wilkins should get the Wankley award daily, he’s just an irritant.

    Lisa is a thorough professional and a good sort to boot, she deals with Wilkins and Karl Stephanbloodynovic (who should share the award……….daily) with good humor and covers for them as best she can.

    I just love her.

  3. Christine Johnson

    Glenn – did you watch this morning’s program? For the first time ever I turned on this trio and got my first glimpse in years of breakfast television. Lisa looks great and certainly keeps the patter up but this morning the woman made it worse for a guy who needs all the help he can get. “She deals with Wilkins and Karl …and covers for them as best she can”. You think the guys are hapless and I think she is. Two comments out of two give a thumbs down to whatever that program is called!

  4. Glenn

    I see it most mornings and Stephanovic is annoying, his false BS inflections in his voice he’s a smart arse and it is with great horror that I now see him doing bits for 60 Minutes and whats worse is his BROTHER is a reporter for them in the US, it’s a nightmare.

    Lisa is a former editor of Dolly mag then Cleo, she knows what she’s doing.

    Channel 7’s effort is moronic on a good day but leads the ratings, but that’s Australia for you.

  5. Christine Johnson

    I wondered if I’d been a bit harsh Glenn but it was really awful. Oh well, until another icon bites the dust I’ll leave the remote on the ABC, APAC and SBS. I’m not a comfortable commercial viewer.

  6. bakerboy

    Lisa is quite a good presenter but she is into self aggrandisement. From her days with Dolly, she claims to have ‘discovered’ and started the careers of Nicole Kidman and a number of other well known celebs.

  7. Glenn

    I prefer non commercial TV as well Christine , if it wasnt for the ABC and SBS I’d go crazy, or perhaps go outside in the fresh air 🙂

  8. Christine Johnson

    Glenn. Television’s closed talent shop could be producing Wankley winners! Tonight Wilkins & Stefanovic are co-hosting a Michael Jackson special using the wife of the networks boss as its US link reporter. Gyngell sending his wife Leila McKinnon on the ‘plum’ mission screams NINE is short on chips, talent or is CEO selective.

  9. Glenn

    Yes Christine I saw that and Stafanovics brother was in there as well just to fill in the gaps when Karl couldn’t get his grinning face on.

    Karl is no fan of Jackson he could hardly contain that silly grin all through the first reporting of his death on Today.

    Wasn’t aware of Gyngells wife being used but doesn’t surprise me.

    I wish Kerry Packer was still around.

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