Commonwealth Bank plans to right wrongs of Storm Financial debacleThe Australian

Breastfeeding slogan divides mumsBrisbane Courier Mail

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Spells, curses and a dollop of Goblin Grech – Sydney Morning Herald



Ute gate

Godwin Grech ‘leaked material to Malcolm Turnbull‘ – Brisbane Courier Mail


Malcolm Turnbull muscled ‘leaker’ and won’t help AFPThe Australian

Sack this liability, PM urges LiberalsThe Australian

Grechian theatre a touch of real world – writes Stephen Lunn in The Australian

Turnbull no to helping leak probe – Malcolm Turnbull will not fully cooperate with police investigations into controversial public service leaks. Mr Turnbull, who earlier promised to assist the police investigation into the fake email at the centre of the OzCar affair, said last night he would co-operate with the probe into the fabrication but not into public service leaking – Melbourne Age

Turnbull claims privilege as insults fly – Malcolm Turnbull hinted last night he would resist police attempts to investigate links between the Coalition and the public servant Godwin Grech as part of its investigation into leaks from the Treasury – Sydney Morning Herald

Malcolm Turnbull’s secret meeting with Treasury officialTurnbull had a meeting with Godwin Grech at which he was shown the now notorious fake email supposedly sent to the Treasury official by a senior Rudd adviser – Sydney Daily Telegraph

Turnbull the new Latham – Labor – Adelaide Advertiser

Economic things

Australia’s downturn to be shorter than expected Melbourne Age on updated forecasts from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


Late in, early out of the downturnSydney Morning Herald

Foreign policy

Rudd, Obama discuss climate change and North Korea – in telephone talks – Sydney Morning Herald

Elections and pre-selections

Bracks adviser ahead in key seat – Industrial relations lawyer Jane Garrett is expected to win preselection for the Victorian state seat of Brunswick, one of several inner-city Labor seats under threat from the Greens – Melbourne Age

Political life

Who, what and why: senators reveal presents – pecuniary interest reports – Sydney Morning Herald

Sex party uses porn to inflame racist ban – Northern Territory News


Connex tipped to lose train contract to French rivalMelbourne Age

Anna Bligh won’t say sorry for traffic gridlock – Brisbane Courier Mail


Private schools lose out in funds deal – finds the Federal Auditor General – Sydney Morning Herald


Community housing to gain from $2b handoverSydney Morning Herald


Refugee debate stirs the emotions – Coalition backbenchers rose one by one to speak against their tough policy line on detention debts and in support of the Government’s plan to abolish them – Melbourne Age


Muddling Malcolm Turnbull gets derailed by ego – writes Dennis Atkins in the Brisbane Courier Mail

Rudd foot on rival’s throat – concludes Dennis Shanahan in The Australian

Anger act that’s just plain mad – infected anger as a description of the Opposition sounds right to Christian Kerr in The Australian

Whistleblowers play essential role – says The Australian in an editorial that attempts to balance public servants not serving as operatives for either side of politics with legitimate whistleblowing.

Peter was not robbed – Arthur Sinodinos in The Australian reckons it seems a tad premature for Peter Costello to be drawing the curtain on his career, but there you go. He has made his decision and we are left to ponder what might have been.

Nobody expected the Spanish royal family – Tony Wright in the Melbourne Age found the presence in Canberra of the King of Spain added a surreal touch to the wonderland of Parliament on a day when the mere name of Mark Latham has become the sternest insult in the Labor lexicon.

Seems we are the (relatively) lucky country – says Tim Colebatch in the Melbourne Age

Water policy delivers scary possibilities – says Kenneth Davidson in the Melbourne Age

Spells, curses and a dollop of Goblin GrechAnnabel Crabb in the Sydney Morning Herald asks if politics is turning into a bad version of a Harry Potter novel? And it’s not just the intriguing, goblinesque figure of Godwin Grech that’s creating this impression. It’s the mystical, good-versus-evil quality to the parliamentary debate.

The flu we had to have – Swine flu has highlighted shortfalls in Australia’s health response system, write Kate Benson and Louise Hall in the Sydney Morning Herald



090625irandailyGC Rules Out Vote CancellationThe Guardian Council ruled out the possibility of nullifying the June 12 presidential elections and insisted that it had found no major irregularity in the vote. Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei, the Council’s spokesman said late Monday that most of the complaints pertained to issues before the election, and not during or after the vote Iran Daily

090625quotationobamaObama Condemns Iran’s Iron Fist Against Protests – New York Times

World Financial Crisis

EU bank bail-outs could dwarf stimulus spending – An annual report on public finances published by the European Commission on Tuesday (23 June) indicates the cost of government stimulus packages could pale into insignificance when compared to the bill for EU bank bail-outs. The lengthy report says the final cost of bank bail-outs is likely to lie anywhere between 2.75 – 16.5 percent of EU GDP depending on the veracity of underlying assumptions and the ability of governments to recover capital injections and loans. EUObserver.com



Bank agrees to Storm mediation – Commonwealth Bank has taken the unprecedented step of trying to settle any individual dispute over its involvement with the collapsed financial planner Storm Financial through a formal mediation scheme. It has done this in an effort to avoid years of costly legal action that could further tarnish the bank’s battered reputation – Melbourne Age

Commonwealth Bank plans to right wrongs of Storm Financial debacleThe Australian

090625townsvilleBillionaire goes after YabuluTownsville Bulletin

ASIC must go after executives at B&B – argues Ian Verrender at the Sydney Morning Herald


No laughing matter – The impact of the recent Chaser controversy is still ricocheting through the TV comedy industry – Melbourne Age

Has The Chaser’s War on Everything finally gone soft? – That’s the question after last night’s comeback edition – Melbourne Herald Sun

Commercial networks find it pays to be kind – the commercial networks are racing to fill their schedules with lightness, love and affection for the rest of the year – Sydney Morning Herald

Labor cranks up the federal advertising budget – Sydney Morning Herald


Fielding frozen in climate disbelief – Family First senator Steve Fielding says global temperature isn’t rising – Melbourne Age

Victorian Government rejects bottle refund bill – Melbourne Age


Law and order


Criminals infiltrate docks, airports – A three-year intelligence operation by the Australian Crime Commission has uncovered serious weaknesses in the security of ports and airports – Melbourne Age

Elliott will talk on hush claims – Former Carlton president John Elliott says he will “absolutely” co-operate with police over his claims that the club paid hush money to alleged rape victims – Melbourne Age

All Mullett charges to be dropped – Former police union chief Paul Mullett will walk from the Supreme Court free of criminal accusations today when perjury charges against him are withdrawn, in a massive blow to the Office of Police Integrity – Melbourne Age

Criminals with unexplained wealth will lose assets – under proposed Federal law – Sydney Morning Herald

Violence, trauma take toll on police – says university survey – Adelaide Advertiser


Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary wants passengers to carry all their bags to the planeUK  Daily Telegraph

Swine flu

In New Theory, Swine Flu Started in Asia, Not Mexico New York Times

Swine flu causes hospital lockdown – Melbourne’s major cancer hospital has locked down its intensive care unit after a 50-year-old female patient died with swine flu yesterday and a second patient tested positive for the virus – Melbourne Age

Victorian Minister Daniel Andrews defends swine flu handlingThe Australian

Indigenous ‘extremely vulnerable’ to swine flu – Sydney Morning Herald

Breast feeding

Breastfeeding slogan divides mums – A $100,000-a-year Queensland Health campaign hoping to convince new mothers to breastfeed is under fire for using “guilt-inducing” language. The campaign is called “12+months on the breast: Normal, natural, healthy” – Brisbane Courier Mail

Real Estate

Court win for apartment buyers leaves developers reeling – Supreme Court of Victoria has found that off-the-plan buyers can tear up their contracts and get their deposits back when projects are not completed on time – Melbourne Age


Whole lotto love for $90m jackpot – Record high jackpot for next week – Melbourne Age

Probe into alleged scams in sports betting industry – Office of Fair Trading investigators are chasing millions of dollars lost by hundreds of punters through 30 so-called sporting arbitrage companies, mostly from the Gold Coast – Brisbane Courier Mail

The drink and other drugs

Running dry: Rees to freeze liquor licences – the Premier is proposing a 12-month freeze on any new liquor licences in Kings Cross, the southern part of the city around George Street and on Oxford Street to try to tackle alcohol-related violence – Sydney Morning Herald

Poverty, booze and jail – Stephen Lunn in The Australian on a new report on indigenous incarceration and health

Soaring jail rates justify change of tactics: report – from the National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee of the Australian National Council on Drug ssays jail rates are destroying indigenous communities and wasting public resources – Sydney Morning Herald


Bush bashing: rally laws override locals – legislation overriding planning, national parks and Aboriginal cultural heritage laws is being rushed through the NSW Parliament to ensure a decade of world rally championship races will not be interrupted – Sydney Morning Herald

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