This OzCar imbroglio has already given us the term “Utegate” (and we appreciate Radio Australia’s ‘loot-for-ute‘ riff on this).

Sub-editors across Australia are making sure they get as much mileage (heh) as possible out of the nation’s latest frenzied political scandal.

Here are a few of the best:

The car angle

Turnbull badly injured in crash test — Australian Financial Review

Ute beautThe Australian

Rudd swerves on car scandal — Sydney Morning Herald

Just who will fall off the back of Rudd’s ute? — The Daily Telegraph

ALP values caught in car affair headlights — Australian Financial Review

‘Utegate’ affair runs out of gas — New Zealand Herald

Fake email backfires for Turnbull — ABC’s AM program

Wayne Swan the target as Utegate scandal revs up — Daily Telegraph

The Oz loves a bit of bull:

Turnbull at a gate — The Australian

Mr Turnbull in political china shop — The Australian

Some more for the road:

Black Knight cops it over search for holey Grail —  Sydney Morning Herald

Red herrings dragged over the really fishy business — The Daily Telegraph

Smoking gun has backfired — Herald Sun

Peter Fray

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