As the nuclear option continues to mushroom in the Opposition Leader’s face (there’s a reason why there’s a plastic case and a big padlock over that particular button, Malcolm), does any journalist really think anyone cares about the actual details of these supposed reasons why everyone should resign? Its all bellows no fire to those of us who live in the real world where undue influence is an hourly occurrence, but politicians going each other is always good fun to watch.

Meanwhile (as pointed out by Crikey correspondents if few others) the public waits patiently for politicians of all sides to hand in their resignation over the complete failure to achieve any kind of stance at all on climate change. Well no, they wouldn’t resign over something that matters, now would they?

Anna Bligh copping a hiding in the media and the polls as Queenslanders cry for their petrol subsidy and Nathan Rees also remains in the top ten after some bad poll results, despite a budget that was moderately well received by the NSW media, while the NSW Opposition finally realise transport may be the winning issue (it only took them 14 years…)

A touch too late for some “how to win like a tortoise” lessons from the former PM for Malcolm “hare” Turnbull? Perhaps.

Rank Politician Talkback
1 Malcolm Turnbull 396
2 Kevin Rudd 355
3 Wayne Swan 133
4 Nathan Rees 65
5 Bob Brown 63

We thank Mr Grech for bringing his marvellous name to public prominence.

Press Radio TV Internet Total INDEX
Godwin Grech 405 499 582 298 8,314 446

There’s more on the Media Monitors website.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
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