Well-sourced rumour is that David Jones are mightily displeased that their advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi dumped them in it by making pre-teen girls in its ads look sexy -- and being careless enough to put it in writing. DJ's marketing head, Damien Eales (brother of ex rugby captain John) swore blind his company would never do such a thing, and is embarrassed by the Saatchi document uncovered through FoI that proves the opposite. DJs are now looking for a new advertiser, one that will respect the 'family friendly' brand. DJs was one of Saatchi's biggest accounts, and heads are expected to roll.

Four leading rugby union players are in hot water for committing offences normally associated with rugby league. One of the rugger offenders is on the brink of announcing his retirement from the game and the careers of the other three are under a cloud. The Australian Rugby Union establishment is attempting to keep a lid on the whole affair.