Premature evaluation appears to be catching in the email/tail/gate gate thing. Take this example from 2002’s most interesting blog, Tim Blair:

Await the great tailgate debate.
Tim Blair — Monday, June 22, 09 (03:15 am)
Phil Coorey reports:

Godwin Grech, the public servant caught in the political maelstrom over OzCar, was being “looked after” over the weekend, Government sources say. “There were steps taken to make sure he was okay,” a source said. The Herald has been told Mr Grech was afforded Federal Police protection as well, in the event there were any threats against him.

The Feds know their lefties well.

By the time Blair’s blabs hit the airwaves, it wasn’t lefties Grech had to worry about, it was death threat aficionado Malcolm Turnbull, and the Feds had other duties concerning Grech in any case. What’s an obsessive insomniac blogger to do?

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
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