Events are moving rapidly in Canberra. Godwin Grech’s residence has been raided by the AFP, with reports that a “concocted” email has been found.

At the commencement of today’s Parliamentary session, Malcolm Turnbull has declined to move a censure motion in the House, and instead raised “concerns” about the Treasurer’s relationship with John Grant and the preferential treatment he received from Treasury.

It was a poor performance from Turnbull, with his backbench silent and Labor MPs rampant. Perhaps word had filtered in of events in the southern suburbs of Canberra this morning.

The Prime Minister strode into the Chamber with Wayne Swan five minutes into Turnbull’s speech and at the time of writing was delivering a punishing, blow-by-blow account of the fake email affair.

But the real focus is now on Godwin Grech, the Treasury official whose role in this is now under massive scrutiny.

It should also be on Wayne Swan, who still has serious questions to answer.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey